Wednesday 20 February 2013

Carnival Weekend

The 8th to the 10th of Feb is carnival weekend in Malta and Gozo. I'm talking crazy outfits, loud music, superb dancing, giant moving floats and a cheeky little drink.

My housemate, Jenny, and I went to Gozo for the first time to experience the carnival. It was amazing. To start we saw a show in which different classes from a school all danced in some amazing costumes.

Then we hit the town. All the bars and clubs were full of people dressed up and celebrating this annual carnival. Many people from Malta had made their way over to Gozo, so the streets were full. I tried to take some pictures, but they all came out blurry, sorry!

The next day we visited Valletta. 

One of the things I've said about Malta is that they don't dress up much. At Uni in England we are always in fancy dress for nights out, but over here noone seems to do it. Well...I ate my words that day..

It was truly a bazaar and brilliant experience.

Has anyone else ever been to something like this?

H x

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