Saturday 8 June 2013

It's almost a different language..

My northern housemates, Stacey and Claire

Me: Stace, can you pass me those glasses please?
Stace: Whege? 

Stace: You've got a feg on the top of your head
Me: A what?

Me: You've misspelt 'mum' on your mothers day card
Claire: No I haven't, it's spelt 'mom'

Stace: I feel a bit riffy 

Me: I'm going to start cooking dinner soon
Claire: What you having nice?
(Note lack of punctuation)

And if you understood any of that, then you must be northern too (my housemates actually argue they're from the midlands, but north of the Watford Gap and your a northerner to me!)

Georgia x

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  1. hahahahahahahahah - classic.

    my mum was my first follower. what does that tell you?


    1. haha, at least we can count on one reader for every post ;)

  2. i love this... i am from the midlands... and i spell mother 'MOM' and my friend from Essex used to take the mick out of me. she googled 'mom' and the results were something about it being the Birmingham way of spelling the shortened word for mother! I also spell auntie as aunty but i think that is just me.. haha.


  3. Anything north of Bristol is north to me!! (Not really. But sort of). None of that made ANY sense to me though, so clearly I'm not a northerner. What even is a feg!? xx

    1. Apparently it's a piece of hair that sticks out :S

  4. My favourite northern-ness was the term 'cannay', as in "I cannay do that" meaning "I can't do that". How I miss living amongst northern accents!