Monday 2 September 2013

September is here, and that means food and shopping

Anyone else excited September is here? Autumn is my favourite season and I'm super excited about going back to uni and seeing my housemates. The arrival of September also means that I'll be heading off to France on Holiday with my boyfriend soon, so if I'm not blogging thats why.

Today I went to Bluewater Shopping Mall with the female members of my family. The first stop (like always) was lunch at Wagamama. 

I had Chicken and Prawn Udon Noodles. It was delicious. One of my favourite meals at Wagamama. My sister had never had it before so she went for it too. My sister and mum both had noodle soups.

Sadly I was on a budget (student saving) so I only bought a few neccessary items. The first were some Leigh jeans from Topshop to replace my ones that are ripping, and the second was a jumper from H&M to keep me warm. Sorry, I can't find a link

I also found a beautiful skirt in Urban Outfitters which I'm in love with and think might find it's way onto my birthday list. Again, I can't find it online, but whilst looking I found these beautiful ones: herehere and here

And I also bought a present for my friend's birthday which is coming up this month, though I can't share what it is incase he reads this. But here's the teaser photo I sent him..

Not the most exciting trip in terms of shopping but I had a great day with my sisters and mum. Hope you all had a good beginning of September too.

Georgia x

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  1. vacation in france!? swoon. jealous. enjoyyour time and your new school year! xo

    love your blog - now following :)

  2. Which university do you go to? I'm back at uni in the next week or so and I am so psyched! it feels like its been a while since i lived a student life without my parents cooking which I totally miss!