Saturday 5 July 2014

Lingfield Races -- my evening in numbers

Last weekend my sister and I, plus our boyfriends went to the races. We had an absolutely wonderful time, and despite a little rain at the beginning, the rest of the afternoon was beautifully hot and sunny. I've never been to the races before, so I didn't now what to expect but I really enjoyed it. We even got to watch a Shire Horse race (it felt like watching a race in slow motion). 

4 -- the number of people: I don't get to go out with my sister much as we were at different unis so it was lovely to spend a whole afternoon and evening with her and her boyfriend Jordon.

28 -- the number of pictures I took at ours before we left

5 -- the number of good pictures I got out of those 28: and by good, I mean not blurry because we were all laughing too much

2 -- jugs of Pimm's: and that was just pre-drinks 

Tom wasn't too keen on the Pimm's, so he made his own cocktail... 

 5:10 -- the time of the first race: which was the Shire Horse race (my favourite race)

7 -- the number of races

1 -- the number of bets I won: winning one bet out of seven isn't the best record, but what did I expect when I was picking the horses based purely on their names :)

9:00 - the time of the last race: by this time all of us were absolutely starving so we decided that we would walk into Lingfield Village and get some dinner

And then something awful happened. I don't want to talk about it on this post, as this post is supposed to be a reminder of how much fun we all had this evening. However, I will write a post about what happened. Once that post is live I will put a link here.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

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