Wednesday 24 September 2014

LONDON - Whats on: Mock Tudor

One of my favourite things about London, is that there is so much going on, all the time. There's quirky cocktail bars, specialist restaurants, weird exhibitions, pop up events, roof bars, food markets selling the most delicious food, and loads more. There are so many different opportunities to do something different that I usually wouldn't.

Last night my flatmates and I went to go and see a play called Mock Tudor in a small theatre above a pub in Clapham. I can't express how much I enjoyed it.

“Welcome to Hampton Court Palace. The year is 1533. Please turn off your mobile phones.”
Nic, Jess, Sophie and Sam are actors re-creating Henry VIII’s weddings, feasts, jousts and river pageants. They take pride in authenticity. Well, they try. But, now ‘Visitor Operations’ have ideas about ‘the future of the past’ and want to replace the actors with a computerised experience. It has never been more vital to keep the Tudors alive.
Being a good Tudor and speaking Tudorese (or ‘Desperanto’ as the re-enactors call it) isn’t always plain sailing. Do potatoes exist yet? Can you wear glasses with a kirtle? How can you fill in for the lute player when you don’t play the lute? And there are Tudor recipes to master too. Peacock stuffing?
The Mock Tudors have been working together for the last three years and they all have their own secret reasons to escape into the past. Can they navigate their relationships and prove that the spirit of the Tudors is alive and vital?
From the writer of Stephen & The Sexy Partridge at Trafalgar Studios comes a comedy drama about historical re-enactors, kirtles, potatoes, love and escape. It’s Summer 2014 in the only shitty room at Hampton Court Palace – the Green Room in The Old Pickling Cupboard – and things are about to change.

A beautiful light-hearted play where you fall in love with the characters (as hopeless as they are) and can't breath for laughing at regular intervals. They're only performing until Saturday, so if you'd like to go (I thoroughly recommend you do) then book your tickets now. £12 from Theatre 503.
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