Friday 17 August 2012

Review: Toni & Guy

Boots were recently doing a 3 for £10 deal on all Toni & Guy hair products, so I thought I'd grab a bargain and write a review.

A quick background on my hair (how exciting). My hair has been pretty dry recently, probably due to the fact that I dyed it in an ombre style. I try to wash my hair every two/three days, and it can get a little greasy round my temples, but isn't too bad everywhere else. I try not to use too much heat on my hair, keeping the use of straighteners and hair dryer to a minimum.

The three products I chose where the Classic Shine Gloss Serum, the Cleanse Dry Shampoo and the Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray.

I really like the Shine Gloss Serum. I put it on the ends of my hair whilst it's wet and when it drys my hair feels soft and smooth, and the tips feel healthy. The only down side of this product is that is doesn't smell as nice as my Lee Stafford Shine Serum.

The Dry Shampoo is also a really good product. As well as erasing all the grease in my hair, it adds volume. Plus it also smells good :)

And lastly the Sea Salt Texurising Spray. I really bought this product for my sister to try out as she has beautiful wavy hair that looks incredible with this product. I have used it myself and I can say that it lives up to its name, adding loads of texture. But be careful not to use too much or your hair will just end up looking wet and greasy.

One last thing to add, I feel like I'm in a bit of a hair style rut. I either wear my hair down or up in a plain ponytail (or in a bun if I'm just chilling at home). So, I'm going to do my research and find some new pretty updos that I can wear.

H x

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