Saturday 27 October 2012

DIY: Lace Jars

These lace jars were so easy to make and look so pretty and elegant. The jars are just old food jars washed out, and the lace I picked up from a market (1 euro for loads of the stuff, ooooh I love a bargain)

To make them, I just simple cut the lace to the correct size, and using a cheap-as-chips glue stick, glued the lace to the jar. I then wiped the glue off where there were large gaps in the lace. Easy!

These jars can we used for all sorts, but I think I will fill one with pens, and the other can hold my makeup brushes. Just what I needed.

H x

P.s. Let me know what you think of these DIY posts? I recently made some bunting, and am going to make some more soon. I could do a step by step tutorial?


  1. awww! that's soooo cute! nice idea :))

  2. Thank you, I'd like to claim it as an original, but in all honestly I probably saw the idea on Pinterest a while ago and then forgot.


  3. Wow these are so pretty, I love getting ideas of pinterest - it's the best :) I always get scared incase I can't do it as well but yours have come out amazing :)

    1. I always think that when I see ideas on Pinterest but really we should just go for it!

      I tried to follow your link to see your blog, but it didn't work for some reason. Want to send it to me again?