Friday 2 November 2012

Review: Hawaiian Tropic

I know this isn’t a beauty product, but I received this Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sun Lotion with an ASOS order a while ago and now I’ve had a chance to use it, I thought I’d write a quick review.

The website describes the product as having “ultra-luxurious hydrating silk ribbons” which “nourishes and pampers skin”. Plus it even protects you from UV :)

I have to agree with the website. The product applies easily and soaks in quickly, without leaving the skin sticky. I agree that it is hydrating and moisturises the skin. Plus it smells amazing! I would be tempted to use it as an everyday moisturiser, rather than just sun cream.

It comes up more expensive than other sun lotions but I would say it is worth the extra expense (and I really surprise myself by saying that).

Hope you guys are enjoying the lovely sun like I am, though chances are you’re heading very quickly into winter and putting sun cream on is the last thing on your mind!

H x


  1. Sounds like a great product!


  2. I got this free too ages ago and I agree it's great. Its practically always on offer in the summer time anyway x