Friday 30 November 2012

Christmas Wishlist #1

Hope you all have had a lovely week. I know I have as my boyfriend came out to Malta to see me. I haven't seen him in three months so it was amazing to see him!

Anyway, here are some of the things on my Christmas Wishlist :)

1. Stone pendant necklace from Urban Outfitters.
This necklace is so pretty. I love the purple colour, and have been wearing lots of gold recently, so it's perfect. It's very wearable and will go with loads of outfits this winter, whilst still looking lovely come spring/summer over some pastel colours or light floral patterns. £18

2. Mac Quad Eye Shadow Palette
I have been lusting over some Mac eye shadows for ages now, so this has been on my Christmas list since waaaayy back. The two colours that have caught my eye are Satin Taupe and Smut, as I think the purple-y shades will  go beautifully with brown eyes. £6.50 for Palette and £10 each for the eye shadow refill pan

3. Lauren McCalmont 'Love My Winter Warmers Glad The Boiler Broke' Scarf from Asos
This scarf is on my wishlist, and I'm pretty sure that's where it will stay with this hefty price tag. I like how the bright pink looks against the darker colours, and think it's a really fun scarf, but for £55

4. Topshop Leigh Skinny Jeans in Dark Khaki
I already have these jeans in a different colour and LOVE them. I tend to live in jeans, so like to have different colours giving me more choice. A perfect colour for winter. £38

5. Ribbon Hair Ties from
Pretty colours, plus they aren't supposed to leave that kink you get in your hair when you have a hair band in for too long. Useful! £10

I hoped you liked the first of my Christmas Wishlists. Let me know if you have any of these items, or if they're on your own list? If you have written a similar blog post about what you would like for Christmas, then please link it below as I find it interesting reading what other people want this year (plus I'm nosey).

H x


  1. I like the Stone pendant necklace a lot, very cute :)



    1. It's so pretty isn't it. Fingers crossed for Christmas :D