Monday 25 March 2013

My Little Loves

1. Maltese bread. This crusty sourdough bread is a perfect accompaniment for a meal. Super yummy and best served at a full table with plenty of wine.

2. Saying hello to the ducks as they walk past the bus stop

3. Popping out for a late night walk, and finding yourself in the middle of a street party. Complete with music, drink and plenty of dancing

4. Topping up my tan on the balcony (and getting some serious tan lines, need to sort that out!)

5. Going home and surprising my family :)

H x


  1. Mmmmm bread. SO wish I hadn't given it up for Lent, but only four more days until I will be gorging myself. I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU TANNING. The UK is bloody Arctic. x

    1. Yes, I saw your cheese scones post. Not a bad bread substitute :) YUM

    2. They worked very well as a bread substitute with soup! Also, I nominated you for a Liebster award over on my blog, if you want to join in!! x

    3. Thank you :) I'll check it out now x

  2. Aw so cute!