Tuesday 19 March 2013

Surprises and Something new

In my last post I hinted that I would be doing something particularly exciting this weekend. I can now let you all in on the secret. I flew home on Friday to surprise my family. My sister (the only person in on the secret) picked me up from the airport and sneaked me into the house. The look on my mums face when she walked into the living room to find me casually chilling on the sofa was hilarious.

I wasn't the only one who surprised her family, my housemates Claire and Stacey joined me. Unfortunately I was too slow with the camera to catch my family's reactions, so here's some pictures of the girls and I messing around at the airport.

Beautiful housemate number one: Stacey
Beautiful housemate number two: Claire
And...errrr...yeah, it's me :)

It doesn't matter how many times I go on a plane, I will never bore of the view out of the window (or understand how the hell they put a massive metal ship in the air!!)

H x

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P.p.s I love this picture. Even though it's blurry, it's completely natural and sums up how much fun all us girls have together. We laugh, a lot. And not the little giggle type of laugh, the throw your head back, can't breath properly type of laugh. The fact that the picture is blurry adds to it I think :)

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