Friday 26 April 2013

50 things about me, part 4

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Happy Friday everyone. Hope you all have a great weekend planned. My boyfriend is flying over to Malta to visit me and I am so excited. I've been trying to think of fun things for us to do together whilst out here, but have found most of my ideas centre around visiting different food establishments. Anyone else find that their life revolves around food or is that just me?


Anyway, here is part 4 of my 50 facts about me (I wont lie, I'm beginning to struggle. Finding 50 facts about yourself is tough, so I hope these are interesting..)

1. The first time I met one of my housemates, she had been dragged on stage with a stripper. I remember thinking "ew, look at that girl rubbing oil all over that strippers body" It wasn't until a year after I'd been friends with my housemate I found out it was her!!

2. Last summer I was supposed to go travelling to South America but I had to cancel as I came to Malta for a year instead (a student can't afford both you know)

3. The thought of growing up and being responsible terrifies me. Can't I stay young and in uni forever?

4. I hate scary films. Why would you want to purposely scare yourself? Why do people find it fun?

5. I hate rollarcosters (refer to #4)

6.  I once visited Auschwitz. It was an incredibly traumatic but eye-opening experience.I cried for about an hour solid when I got back home. Very sad, however I would recommend the trip to everyone. I will never forget

7. My socks hardly ever match, I swear they go into the washing machine as a pair..

8. I have two younger sisters, and I miss them loads when I'm in Malta (Hey Abi and Iz, I know you're reading this!)

9. I love the taste of bananas, but hate the texture, so it's a constant battle whenever I eat one.

10. Apparently I have no hand-eye coordination. I discovered this last week when my housemates and I tried to play with a bat and ball in the sea. Our highest rally was 3!

Georgia x

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  1. I love reading your "50 facts" because so many of them are so true for me too!! Scary movies, rollercoasters, coordination, bananas.....all nope! My life very much focuses around food, if I'm not eating it, I'm pretty likely to be thinking about it! But my housemate is my hubby and thankfully we met under very different circumstances!! xx

    1. Haha. That would be worrying if the first time you met your husband he was rubbing oil on a male stripper..

  2. These are great!! Bananas are amazing- I used to have the texture thing, so kept trying them at different stages of ripeness until I found one which worked for me. I also have NO hand eye coordination- in school I was literally always picked last for netball teams- and the fact that you never wear matching socks upset me. I HATE odd socks!!! xx

    1. Oh dear, we would not get on. I'm always wearing odd socks! Whoops!