Saturday 23 February 2013

50 things about me, Part 1

I've mentioned it a couple of time before, but I'm really nosy. Super nosy in fact. So whenever I see that other people have done this tag I get really excited. And seeing as I get so much enjoyment out of reading about other people's lives, I thought I'd let you in on mine.

So here's part one of 50 Facts About Me

1. Despite currently living in a hot country, I actually prefer the cold. Nothing beats wrapping up, and going for a walk in the country side

2. In the sweet vs savoury war, I would back savoury every time. Always

3. I love fancy dress

4. I have a phobia of knees. Seriously! I don't like it when people touch mine, I cant touch other people's, I can't touch my own knees, heck..I can't even watch other people touch their own knees. Talking about it now is making me cringe... hfusagufdhgufgfod

5. The way to my heart is through my stomach. I'm such a foody. Cook me Eggs Benedict for breakfast and I'm all yours 

6. I study Mathematics at uni, but still can't do mental arithmetic 

7. My sister used to have a pet tarantula called BD that was kept in the utility room which would freak all my friends out when they came over

8. I can't sing. At all. Not even a little (but it doesn't stop me)

9. I love reading. I have just finished The Great Gatsby and am now reading Game of Thrones

10. I have tiny feet. Size 4

So there we are, 10 random facts about me. Only 40 more to go :)

Has anyone else done this tag? Let me know as I could spend all day reading posts like this :)

H x


  1. I love to dress up too, whenever I have the chance! Savoury all the way, but I do love chocolate a little too much! Thanks for sharing these!

    SarahSee. Beauty

    1. Well no one can say no to chocolate completely :)


  2. I love these posts! It's fun to find out more about the bloggers. I'd definitely back savoury too, I always crave a good meal rather than something sweet. But preferring the cold? Girl you crazy! I live in London and haven't felt my fingers or toes since I got back from LA ha!

    Looking forward to the next 20 facts!

    1. I know, my friends tell me I'm crazy all the time :) But I knew you liked the heat from all the amazing pictures of America on your blog!!