Wednesday 4 December 2013

Little loves

This is going to be one of the easiest 'Little Loves' I've ever written because I had the most magical weekend. So here are some of the things I've been loving recently:

My cousin got married on Friday. She looked absolutely beautiful, and a fantastic day was had by all. It was very family orientated, meaning there was copious amounts of jokes and laughter, heckles during the speeches and some rather odd family traditions. Her new husband, Ross, is a fabulous guy and their two children are just adorable. Tom and I both had the best time, although there were a few too many jokes about us being next for my liking (don't get any ideas yet Thomas!)

Whilst on the subject of weddings, Jess from The Stroke got married this year and she has just put up some posts about it. Another beautiful wedding, see her posts here.

Road trips
Last weekend Tom and I celebrated being together for two years. I'm not sure whether this feels like forever or just yesterday, but it makes me realised how lucky I am to be with someone who supports and loves me as much as Tom does.

To celebrate we went out for a meal in Milton Keynes (where the wedding took place). Tom drove us down in his car, and although it only took one hour, it was good fun. Lots of music and a cheeky McDonald's. What's not to like?

Tom is a big Motown fan, and until last week I didn't really know what it was. But after listening to it whilst driving along the M1 I've grown a liking for it. It's quite suitable for a road trip play list. Otis Redding anyone? 

The other day I had my first experience with cooking paneer by making a homemade curry and naan (the naan wasn't homemade, it was from Salisbury's). I really enjoyed it and it's much cheaper than buying meat, so I can see myself having a lot of it over the next few weeks. Yum!

Big scarves
One good thing about this bitter weather is that I've been able to get out my thick comfy scarves to keep me warm. I'm just waiting for the weather to get a touch colder as by the time I've walked the 20 minutes it takes me to uni, I'm usually boiling hot. It's tough getting it just right.

Georgia x

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