Monday 18 November 2013

Recipe: Red Wine Risotto

Risotto. Perfect in the colder months to provide a warm comforting meal, and great in summer to have packed full of garden vegetables. I enjoy eating risotto all year round, the only problem is, the recipe isn't all that student budget friendly. Especially if you're like me and like to add lots of parmesan cheese.

My usual risotto recipe is very similar to this butternut squash one here, however if I've run out of butternut squash I tend to add whatever ingredients I have lying around in my fridge or cupboard (another good thing about Risotto, you can add pretty much anything)

Whilst I was In florence I tried a different type of risotto I'd never had before. It was Tuscan sausage and red wine. I'd never thought of using red wine before, I'm not sure why because it was delicious! Since then I've tried to make my own version, and with resounding success (read: housemate approved!)

BBC Recipe for Red Wine Risotto
As I didn't take any pictures of the cooking process, I thought I'd link this recipe, which is very similar and shows the basics of making a red wine risotto. I added bacon to mine, but I think sausage or chorizo would be yummy as well.

And on the plus side, this version is slightly more budget friendly as it doesn't require so much cheese (seriously, why is cheese so expensive?)

If you'd like to see pictures of how my recipe turned out, head over to my Instagram.

Georgia x

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  1. I wouldn't have ever thought to use red wine instead of white either, what a great idea! Looks sensational!!!

  2. this is very interesting :)

  3. Yum! And bacon on anything really! Butternut squash risotto is my favourite though!

    Emma x

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