Friday 15 November 2013

Bits and bobs from Florence

I am so excited for the weekend. Not that I have anything particularly exciting planned but it will be nice not to have to get up early, and just stay in bed all day, with tea and work. Perfect! (well if it really was perfect, I wouldn't have the work to do, but we can't have everything can we)

Anyway, as promised here are some pictures of the pieces I bought for myself whilst I was in Florence :)

The main thing I bought was this beautiful leather bag. It's made to look like ostrich leather, and is the perfect size to fit my uni work in, as well as for day to day goodies. I've been after a new bag, and this one was a bargain, reduced to €35.

I've used it loads since I've been back from Florence. The colour and style means it goes with almost every outfit.

I also picked up this adorable calendar which shows different types of coffee drinks. Personally I'm not an overly organised person (definitely something I need to work on), but having a calendar lets me feel a bit more in control, especially with university deadlines.

Truffle is one of my all time favourite flavours. I couldn't get enough of it in Florence. Which explains why I couldn't resist buying a little pot and bringing it home with me (and it only cost an arm and a leg - worth it though). The boyfriend and are are thinking of having it on a special occasion. Now I only have to decide what to cook it with. I'm thinking Steak with a Truffle and Cream sauce?

And for those of you that remember this post where I was looking for a chunky knit blanket? Well I found one, and and a super reasonable price too of £20! It's from Ikea and perfect for the colder nights.

Georgia x

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  1. gorgeous bag, love the design.

  2. That bag is perfect! Great shape and colour. I love an ostrich skin bag! I have to admit it though, I hate truffles, I seriously can't even smell them without gagging. If I ever get anything with truffles I know where to send it!

    Emma x