Friday 8 November 2013

Little Loves (including the cutest video)

Uni has been a tough one for me recently.  With tons of deadlines approaching, I've been working every spare minute I have. Although, I feel bad for complaining when I've only recently come back from Florence and had a wonderful birthday. But I feel like I just need a day of doing nothing rather than being constantly rushed off my feet, to recoup. Not that I will be getting one any day soon (damn assignments) so until the Christmas holidays I need to find little things to keep my spirits up and find pockets of time to relax. 

Here's what I've been loving recently:

My housemate are entirely to blame for this one. They are both huge lovers of the program and have got me hooked.The story lines are awful and overly dramatic, but I just can't get enough of it!

Birthday Food
Both the amazing meal that my boyfriend took me out to, and the lunch that my housemates made it. They all know me so well and served up some of my favourites.

I know we're well and truly in Autumn now, but I've been particularly enjoying it recently. I guess I just love wrapping up in one of my all time loves, scarves. Though I did not enjoy being caught out by the rain today without an umbrella. Thank goodness for friends with cars, is all I can say!

My uni house has blankets in almost every room. What's better than cuddling up in bed or on the sofa in a blanket?

My Dissertation
This is a weird one, but recently I've actually been enjoying doing research and learning more about my dissertation topic. I'm sure this will all change once the pressure is on and I have to meet deadlines and create presentations, but for now, I'm enjoying it. Is that normal?

Is anyone else getting the Christmassy feeling? I'm starting to get so excited. I can't wait to put our Christmas decorations up. I was planning a Christmas meal complete with Christmas quiz with friends on my course today, which I can't wait for. I'm starting to get so exciting, and nothing got me in the mood more than seeing this year's John Lewis Christmas advert. Have you seen it yet? It's so sweet.

Georgia x

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