Sunday 30 March 2014

Saturday -- my day in numbers

Saturday was a great day. Tom drove up late on Friday, so I had all of Saturday with him. The weather was fab and we wanted to make the most of it. Plus I felt like I deserved a day off from university work. So here is my Saturday, in numbers.

10.30 -- the time I woke up, I love lie-ins!

2 -- the number of episodes of Dexter that Tom and I watched in bed.

2 -- the number of cups of tea I had to accompany Dexter

1 -- the number of phone calls I had today. It was a lady from boots telling me I'd won a raffle, and to pop into town to pick up my prizes. Best phone call ever!

1 -- Tom and I shared a pizza for lunch at Pizza Express, does that make us cheap? I am a student after all! The pizza and bruschetta starter were delicious, as always from Pizza Express.

1 -- the number of tops Tom was looking for, when walking into Next

4 -- the number of tops he walked out with (am I a bad influence?)

3 -- the number of gifts I won from the boots raffle; a bouquet a flowers, a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine :) 

3 -- the number of hours Tom and I spent walking around the beautiful Coombe Abbey.

3 -- the number of ducks we spotted napping on a fallen tree in a secluded area by the lake

8 -- the number of beers we drank that evening

10.30 -- the time we climbed into bed to watch a film

0 -- the amount of work I got done

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Did anyone else make the most of the fab weather?

Georgia x

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  1. This makes me so sad! Watching things in bed with my boyfriend is one of my favourite things. He isn't here though! Make the most of it! And what season are on with Dexter?! It's so good.

    Me and stuart used to watch dexter in bed- *sob sob*. :)

    Emma xx

    1. Season 7! Nearly the end, what am I going to do when it finishes! Aww, I'm sure its horrible not having Stuart, I hated it when I was in Malta. <3