Friday 25 April 2014

The tree in my garden

Round the back of my house, in my garden, is a tree.  It is a huge tree, 60 ft intact. It's been here ever since we moved into the house, which was 17 years ago.  When my youngest sister was born, my mum used to put her outside in the shade of the tree to play when it was warm.  My other sister and I used to build obstacle courses around the tree and used it as 'home' or 'base' in multiple games when friends came over. It was home to lots of birds and pesky squirrels.

And a couple of months ago my parents decided they wanted to chop it down. The tree was just too big; it blocked the view out of multiple windows of the house, maintaining it was becoming a bigger and bigger job, and the roots were starting to become a problem.

After the tree surgeons chopped the tree down they counted the rings in the truck to find out how old it was. 128 years old! That's crazy old! It's no surprise that the tree was so big. The house itself is approximately 130 years old. Which means that every person who ever lived in this house, owned the tree.

It was actually quite sad to see the tree go, but the garden looks but better for it. The amount of sunlight we get in our garden and conservatory now is miles better.

And for those who looked closely at all the pictures, you might be able to spot Elvis, our elephant. Did you spot him?

Georgia x

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