Friday 2 May 2014

Little Loves

It's been pretty hectic this week. Exams are coming up and all of my time is being spent either revising or sleeping. Not much time for fun. However, it will all be over soon and I know that I'll miss university loads when I've finished. In the mean time, here are some little things that I've enjoyed recently.

(HOW CUTE IS THIS PENGUIN) Source: Pinterest -link
1. Handing my dissertation in: What a relief! I've been slaving over that monster for what feels like forever. I definitely had my struggles writing it, and I am so proud of myself for finishing.

2. No sugar please: Over the last few months I've been cutting sugar out of my coffee and this week I've actually started to enjoy it. If I had the choice now, I would go sugarless, no doubt. 

3. The cold side of the pillow: Getting up early to go into uni to revise is no fun, no fun at all. However I have been able to enjoy my cheeky 5 minute snooze button lie-ins make better by rediscover of the cold side of pillow (waning, this does make it harder to get out of bed though)

4. Holiday planning: Shopping for last minute holidays with Tom reminds me there is life beyond my exams. 

5. New friends: Being in the same place every day revising means you get to recognise some of the other regulars. Over the last couple of weeks a few friendships have been created, and although these friendships may not last beyond the exam period, I have thoroughly enjoyed having someone to have a quick coffee break and a natter with. 

6. Receiving messages: Finding hidden messages that my housemates had left me after I'd had a rubbish morning was a great pick me up. I love those girls millions!

Speaking of messages though, I received a rather creepy one the other day. I was in uni revising and popped quickly to the toilet. When I returned I found this message.

What do you think? Flattering or creepy? I have no idea who put it there and the thought that someone was watching me is, in my opinion, creepy. I removed the sign and red-faced carried on with my work. At least I got a funny story out of it!


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  1. hahahaha I can't make my mind up about whether that note is creepy or really sweet. I can imagine the awkwardness of having to take it down by yourself! Congrats on finishing your dissertation, it must be such a weight off!