Wednesday 16 December 2015

MOSCOW - The Red Square

Back in February I went for a long weekend to Moscow with my housemate. I have to say that I didn't really expect much from this city break, but I had the most fantastic time. Moscow really surprised me with it's hidden beauty and history.

One of the most famous parts of the city is the Red Square. First of all, it is beautiful. If you are fan of architecture, I'm sure you'll love this place. A big open expanse of cobblestones surrounded by impressive buildings, the most beautiful of which in my opinion, is St. Basil's Cathedral.

State History Museum
St. Basil's Catherdral
St. Basil's Catherdral

I recommend heading back a night to get some stunning pictures of St. Basil's Catherdral. Plus there are less tourists then!

St. Basil's Catherdral at night
GUM shopping centre, which I found out recently that the Architectural company I work for completed a refurbishment on this building back in 2004 - pretty cool

There are lots of museums and churches around the Red Square, but one thing you should do is check out Kilometre Zero. Kilometre Zero is the point in Moscow where all distances are measured from. It lies in front of the famous Iberian Gate. This gate connects the Manege Square and the Red Square. Kilometre Zero is marked on the ground with a plaque. You'll spot people standing in the middle of the circular plaque throwing coins over their shoulder for luck.

And lastly, whilst not technically in the Red Square but next door, is the Kremlin. Well worth a visit. If you want to visit all of the Kremlin buildings, I suggest you set aside half, if not a whole, day. Other wise just wander around the central square within the Kremlin walls and admire the beautiful architecture and historical buildings.

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