Sunday 31 January 2016

Goodbye Shadwell

When I first moved to London, I moved in to a tiny flat with my friends in Shadwell. The flat was small, really small, but we didn't care, we were in London! 

And then, about a few months after we moved in, we noticed some damp patches appearing on our ceiling. Before long we found ourselves living in the coldest, dampest, mouldiest flat I have ever seen. The landlord was slow to respond to our requests to solve this problem, the builder (his mate) who was sent round was useless, and we spent a lot of time living in a pretty grotty horrible flat.
Finally, almost a year later, the landlord got his act together and fixed the flat; new roof, clean flat, fresh paint. YAY! We had our little but lovely flat back...until winter hit. All the problems came back with a vengeance. I can't explain how horrible it is to constantly be dripped on inside your own flat, whether it's in the kitchen when your cooking, on the toilet, or in bed. GROSS. Enough was enough. This week we all said goodbye to the flat, packed up our stuff and have moved. 

Although I am so excited to be moving to a new flat, in a new area of London that I'm excited to explore, I do feel slightly sad to be leaving. Sad because I'm not moving into a place with my housemates, and sad because despite the horrible state of the flat in Shadwell, we had a really great 18 months. I've made friends, had dinner parties, drunk nights, chilled Sundays and so many laughs in this flat. So, yes, I am happy to be leaving, but I'm a little sad too. So long Shadwell, but Dalston is calling!

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