Thursday 12 July 2012

I like people who smile when it's raining

I'm off to Latitude festival tomorrow!! Although I am so excited, I can't pretend not to be worried about the floods (literally) of rain that have fallen over the last couple of days. As we are camping it is safe to say that waterproofs have been packed, along with lots of spare clothes.

However, I refuse to let rain ruin my exciting weekend, so am trying to keep positive. I just hope we can actually make it up to Suffolk!

I have lots of blogs planned over the next month or so, and probably some pictures of the festival. I've been a bit relaxed with my blog recently, but nothing particularly exciting has happened in my life as I spend most of my time working (and no one really wants to hear about piglets and ducklings). But I'm hoping that's all going to change soon.

Hope you all have lovely weekends and don't get too wet!

H x

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