Thursday 13 September 2012

Advice to freshers

Lots of people will be starting uni soon. I love uni, and have the complete time of my life there. But going to uni for the first time can be daunting, and working out exactly what you need to pack can be pretty stressful. So I've put together a quick guide on things to pack that you might have forgotten, but chance are they will come in handy. I hope it helps!

Door Stop
To hold your bedroom door open. Especially useful on the first day when you want to meet all your new housemates. If people see an open door they are more likely to come in and introduce themselves.

For the first night when you want to make friends with your housemates. Everyone can bond over a glass of wine or bottle of beer :)

Drawing Pins and White Tac
For pinning up pictures, notes or leaflets in your bedroom. Also, it is worth checking with your uni if you are allowed to stick stuff up on your walls. Some universities won’t allow blue tac but do allow white tac. If your uni doesn’t allow either then don’t worry. Most people put stuff up on their walls any way, just make sure it all comes down before your room inspection.

Marker Pen
Useful for scribbling all over your freshers top and countless other fancy dress items throughout the year.

Fancy dress Basics
You will dress up at uni. It’s a fact. So save yourself some hassle and take the basics. Common themes are; Where’s Wally, School Disco, Rave, Army, Beach Party, Superhero, Pyjama Party and many many more!

Pack of Cards
Ring of Fire... ’nuff said

For the mornings after Ring of Fire

Winter Clothes
Many students pack in September when the weather is still reasonably sunny and warm. Remember, it will get colder and you will want jumpers, coats and gloves to keep you toasty. Especially as you will probably be walking to and from uni. 

Mattress Protector
Because nobody wants to sleep on a used mattress, with just a sheet to protect you. Also, it can make your bed a little comfier.

Blow up bed/Pump/Sleeping bag
For when your friends come to visit you from home. I was the only one who brought these in my first year and they got used for visitors by everyone in my flat at some point. Plus your friends will be grateful that they have a comfortable place to sleep at night rather than the floor/squashed in with you in your bed.

Change for the washing machine and tumble dryer
Sounds obvious, but you can never find any change when you need to.

Ethernet Cable
Most universities don’t provide wireless internet, so you have to use an Ethernet cable. Some uni’s will provide this for you, but they tend to be really short. In my first year, my housemates and I all ordered 20m Ethernet cables for a couple of pounds online ( I think), which allowed us to be plugged into  our rooms, but still move around the flat with our laptops. The downside of this is you may spend a chunk of your time untangling wires. 

So I hope that was useful :)

My last tip is, don't panic about the amount of stuff you are taking with you to uni. People turn up with two cars worth, so if you want to take it, then do (and curse yourself at the end of the year when you're trying to get it all back home again). It's all part of the university experience.

H x 

P.S. NEVER LEAVE YOUR ROOM UNATTENDED. Let these pictures/stories be a lesson to never leave your room unlocked. Something will happen!

After my friend T went home for the weekend, his housemates and I thought it might be funny to cover his room in newspaper. We covered everything, wrapping all his individual books and toiletries. We thought it was very funny, he thought it was a pain :) 

This is actually the bathroom in our house. However, one day , our housemate left her door unlocked and we decided to pull a prank on her. We moved her whole bedroom into the bathroom; mattress, curtains, television and all. She was pretty shocked to come back to a completely bare bedroom!
The bath became Sarah's new bed

These are just some examples of what could happen. I have come back from a weekend at home to find my bed outside of the flat. Another friend had his room covered in cups of water (he couldn't move without knocking them all over). The boys across the road changed one lad's room into a bar, and took the back off another lad's wardrobe so they could make 'Narnia'. So remember, keep your door locked when you're away :)

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