Saturday 20 April 2013

Tag: THIS or THAT?

I always get so excited when I get tagged to do a post. So thank you Holly for asking me to do this one. If you haven't checkout out Holly's blog Holly Mixtures then you HAVE to. Fine, I can't force you, but really, you should. She's very funny and gorgeous. Ok enough sucking up :) but really, check her out

So the tag I've been tagged to do is the Beauty 'This or That Tag'. Here are the questions:

Make Up:

Blush or Bronzer? 
If you'd asked me a couple of months ago I definitely would have said blusher, but recently it's been all about the bronzer. I change my mind a lot, what can I say :)

Lipgloss or Lipstick?
Lipstick. The only time I use lipgloss, is over the top of lipstick

Liner or Mascara? 
Mascara, I think it opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake

Foundation or Concealer? 
Normally I would say foundation but as Malta is getting hotter and hotter, I don't really fancy putting foundation on, just to have it run off my face in a clumpy sweaty mess (nice image Georgia). So I've just been using a touch of concealer where I need it most. 

Neutral Eyeshadow or Colour? 
Neutral all the way

Pressed or loose eyeshadow?
Well seeing as I've never owned a loose eyeshadow...

Nails and Body:

OPI or China Glaze? 
...Essie? Barry M? Maybe even No. 7

Long or Short Nails?
Long, but my nails are sooo crazy flimsy I can never get them to grow particularly long. Maybe I should try fake nails?? I think my boyfriend might have a fit.

Acrylic or Natural? 
Oh, well I kind of answered this question above..maybe I should have read these through first..

Brights or Darks? 
This depends massively on the time of the year. Right now, the thought of lazing in the sun wearing black sounds like a form of torture. But during the winter months, I couldn't get enough of it

Flower or No Flower?
I'm going to have to agree with Holly here....what does that even mean?!

Perfume or Body Splash? 
Perfume, though it does attract the mosquitoes :( 

Lotion or Body Butter? 
Body lotion, I prefer the texture

Body Wash or Soap?
Body wash all the way

Lush or other bath company? 
I need to admit something...I don't like baths. I know, I'm sorry, I should be kicked out of the blogging community, but I just don't get it. Why would you wanna sit in your own dirty water for 20 mins? I just find the whole experience stressful and uncomfortable.


Jeans or Sweat Pants?

Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve? 
Right now? As it hits 25 degrees? I think I might have to say short sleeves...

Dresses or skirts? 
Both :) (is that cheating?)

Stripes or Plaid? 
Stripes, but I prefer a floral pattern if there's an option for that?

Flip Flops or Sandals? 
Sandals. I always manage to trip over in flip-flops 

Scarves or Hats? 
Scarves, I love them!

Studs or Dangly Earrings? 
Studs. I have a really small head (weird thing to say I know, but it's true) and I think dangly earrings emphasise this. 

Heels or Flats? 
Heels :)

Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots? 
If I had to choose...riding boots

Jacket or Hoodie? 
Jacket, unless I'm chilling in the house, then it's all about the giant, two sizes too big for me hoodie

Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe?
Forever 21. I really like the Birmingham Bull Ring branch but am not too impressed with the Bluewater one (which annoyingly is my closest one). Sort it out F21

Abercrombie or Hollister? 
Hollister, because I own a hoodie from there and LOVE the fact that the sleeves are so long. 


Curly or Straight? 

Bun or Ponytail?

Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips? 
Bobby pins. But all my housemates call them hair grips and laugh at me when I call them bobby pins. Who is this bobby person anyway? 

Hair Spray or Gel? 
Hair spray, not that it does anything. I have really silky hair so nothing, and I mean nothing, holds it in place

Long or Short? 

Light or Dark? 
Dark, though I currently have light tips

Side Sweep or Full Bangs? 
I currently have no fringe whatsoever, just a middle parting, but I am thinking of having a sweepy one cut in when I go back to England

Up or Down? 


Rain or Shine? 
Shine, nobody prefers the rain surely?
Apart from ducks, they go crazy for it

Summer or Winter? 

Fall or Spring? 
Autumn! My favourite of all the seasons 

Chocolate or Vanilla?
 Vanilla? Depends what your talking about. If it's ice cream then neither!

East Coast or West Coast? 

I think this is more for America, but seeing as I am in Malta, I'm going to answer it for here. The west coast has all the sandy beaches, but I live on and love the east coast for it's busier towns and beautiful rocky beaches, (plus the nightlife).

I hope you enjoyed this tag. If you liked it and want to do it yourself then please do, but make sure you put the link in the comments so I can have a read :)

Here's a couple of people I'd love to tag,
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and my current favourite blog, Rosie from Cider with Rosie. Check out her blog, her dog is seriously cute 

Georgia x

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  1. Thanks for tagging me Georgia :) Loved reading your answers.

    1. No problem :) I can't wait to see your response x

  2. Thanks for tagging me! I'll definitely give it a go, not that I'm brilliant with the whole beauty side of things, but that should be interesting in itself I suppose...!! x

    1. Ha, don't worry, I'm hardy an expert myself :)

  3. YEYYYYYY!!! I properly loved reading this :D thank you for doing it!! Made me giggle :D.
    I used to love baths, but that's probably because we only had a bath in my parents house until I was 16 haha...I've not had one since the very day that shower was installed!!


    1. I'm so pleased someone agrees with me! :) My housemate loves them and I'm like, what do you do in a bath for half an hour?! So confused..

  4. Interesting post! Lovely blog :)

  5. lovely blog, really interesting:) I follow you, would you like to follow eachother? let me know xx

  6. Thank you for tagging me! I thought I had already commented on here, it would appear not! Sorry for the delay.

    Chocolate or Vanilla?! CHOCOLATE!! I'm rather greedy when it comes to chocolate :P

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. No problem :) Ha, I feel most people will share your opinion about chocolate!