Thursday 11 July 2013

It's BBQ time

With all this beautiful, sunny (and unexpected) sunshine, I'm sure I wasn't the only one craving a BBQ. I thought I'd share some pictures with you of one (of the two) that we had last weekend. 

 Leaving the boyfriend to deal with the BBQ, I caught up on some blogging.

Lamb cooking on the BBQ

My beautiful baby sister (who turned 15 recently, so not that much of a baby anymore, where did the time go!!)

Trying to take a picture with the boyfriend is like trying to draw blood from a stone, so unsurprisingly there are only a few pictures of us together. I took the opportunity last weekend to force him to stand up straight and smile and got a few nice snaps of us, I'll take that as a win :)

Preparation for the big moment..

Georgia x

P.s. It's only now I've noticed how alcohol features in most of these pictures, not sure exactly what that says about my family…

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  1. Mmmm bbq's...I liiiike <3 you look lovely here too, both of you in fact! It's like drawing blood taking a picture with my boyfriend too haha, so I feel your pain!

    Holly Mixtures

  2. Oof, your BBQ looks awesome! Very jealous. And I LOVE your salad spoons! (Strange thing to say...) xx