Friday 25 October 2013

I'm going to Florence, Italy!

Hey guys.

Sorry for the lack of blogging but my week has been hectic. I received the nicest text from a family friend on Sunday asking if I wanted to go to Italy this weekend. Her daughter Lucy is one of my closest friends, so whilst is was sad that her son William had to drop out, I wasn't complaining about the chance of a free holiday.

When I rang my mum excitedly to tell her I was going to Florence, she decided that she didn't want to be left out either and promptly bought herself a ticket too.

So this week has been stuffed full with library visits, report reading, lecturer meetings and copious amounts of coffee to make sure I'm caught up enough to cope with a weekend off.

However I have managed to upload part 2 of my holiday vlog, so please head over and have a watch :)

I've never been to Florence before so if anyone has any tips or hints, I'd love to hear!

Georgia x

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  1. I love Florence :) I've been twice but in the Summer. The ice cream there is renowned for being the best in Italy. Obvious things to do are go to the Duomo (Brunelleschi's Dome) and the Ponte Vecchio at night.

    Annie |

  2. I've never been to Florence but I have always wanted to! So glad I have you on instagram, I expect regular updates my dear! Have an amazing time!

    Emma x