Tuesday 15 October 2013

Tartan: My newest obsession

Recently I have been spotting tartan everywhere, and I love it. The combination of autumn/winter colours is perfect for the colder and darker months, whilst the pattern reminds me of my days in school (in a good way). I'm not sure of the exact reason why I love this pattern so much, but I do!

Here's some of the high street tartan items I've had my eye on.

1. Coat: Urban Outfitters
2. Dress: New Look
3. Jumper: Urban Outfitters
4. Top: New Look
5. Shirt: Topshop

6. Skirt: New Look
7. Skirt: Topshop
One of my favourite tartan items are the Zara scarves. I'm definitely asking for one for my birthday. The only problem is, they're all so beautiful so I don't know which one I prefer. In fact, my mind changes on almost a daily basis. Which of the three below do you prefer?

Zara Scarves
What do you think of the new tartan craze? Do you love it, or is it a little too school girl for you?

Georgia x

P.s. Don't forget to help me out and let me know which is your favourite Zara scarf

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  1. I am loving tartan at the moment too. Those Zara scarves are all cute but I prefer number 3 as it's slightly more classic and will look great for quite a few winters to come xx

  2. I can testify that the double sided zara plaid scarf is stunning. Like a blanket! I also think New looks plaid is the best this season. It looks less cheap than the Topshop items I have seen on their new in section.
    Emma x

    1. I agree. New Look have done well this season

  3. every year i say NO, then every year i cave and buy something tartan-y but not 'on trend' - if that even makes sense. haha. no, it doesnt. i love your skirt picks! x