Saturday 12 October 2013

Road Trip in France (and a SURPRISE)

So I know this post is a little late, but to tell you a secret, I'm pretty rubbish at time keeping, so it's no wonder that I'm a little behind schedule. But better late then never right?

In September, my boyfriend and I went on holiday to France. We drove from my house to Folkestone where we got the train over to Calais. We then drove to my friend's house who lives in Mortagne-au-Perche near Le Mans. This was followed by an amazing day trip to Paris, and then we finished our holiday by spending a week in a Gite on the West Coast near La Rochelle.

We had an amazing time, and because we went in September we were able to get a great deal on the price, which included a BBQ area, swimming pool and wifi.

Here are some pictures of the holiday:

On the train over to France

The Eiffel Tower

Cathedral of Notre Dame
Le Louvre
A fantastic meal at Le Fumoir, sorry for the blurriness 

Our Swimming Pool
My delicious starter from one of the nights out

Catching dinner at the evening market

Is it just me, or does France have some beautiful architecture!
At the beach
And, as promised, here is the surprise. I vlogged the holiday. This is mega scary for me, but I figured I should just dive right in and show you guys. So I hope you enjoy it. It's my first time ever filming myself so it's not perfect, but I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please subscribe. If people like it maybe I'll be brave enough to film another.

Here's part one of my holiday

Georgia x

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  1. AHHHHHHHH you vlogged!! <3

    I have it open in a new window to view after X Factor yeyy!!
    I love putting a voice to a face, if you get me?

    Holly Mixtures

    1. You have no idea how nervous that makes me, eeeak! Let me know what you think (unless you think it's terrible, then just lie to me :P )

  2. I liked the vlog, I've subscribed! For a first time I thought the editing and music and all that was really good, I normally find new youtubers tend to make videos that drag on forever with no editing so you've managed to avoid that well! :)


    1. Thank you so much. I spent a while editing so it makes me happy to hear you say that :)

  3. Your holiday looks amazing, I love Paris- my bf is moving there next year so I ma looking forward to more visits. It is so magical! Your little holiday house looks lovely too, all your food pictures are killing me.

    Emma x

  4. Amazing pictures!! =)

    Please, check out my blog

    Thanks! xx

  5. France looks absolutely stunning! I've always wanted to go! Hopefully someday ;)
    xo TJ