Friday 23 August 2013

How many people can say they've got a funny story about a postcard?

Soooo this post (along with one other) are going up a little later than I expected because I've been ill the last week and lying in bed watching Youtube videos was about the only thing I had energy for. Still better late then never right?

A couple of weeks ago I went on holiday to the Greek Island of Andros for two weeks with my family. It was lovely. What with having such a tough year sunning myself in Malta, I thought I deserved a two week holiday ;) I thought I would share with you a funny story that happened whilst I was abroad.

Being the lovely, amazing and brilliant girlfriend that I am (did I mention modest too) I thought I would send my boyfriend a postcard. So I poured my heart out onto the back of this card, put a stamp on it and passed it onto my parents to post for me when they drove into the local town. Only they didn't. What happened was, they drove to town with the car windows down on an incredibly windy day, and the postcard flew out of the window and over the mountains. 


So thinking at least I can tell a funny story when I go home, I wrote out postcard number two and personally posted it (parents just can't be trusted now-a-days). Then about three days later, on our departure day we thought we'd quickly pop down to the beach for an hour before leaving for the ferry. We got down to the beach my daredevil little sister started jumping off a 25 foot rock into the sea with her friend, my mum did some last minute sunbathing and my dad and I tried skimming rocks. When all of a sudden I hear my other sister shout.

I turn around and from under a rock my sister pulls out my original postcard. Seriously, what are the chances?! This poor postcard has been for quite a ride. The edges are ripped, there a holes and creases all over it, and we're pretty sure it tried swimming in the sea too. I packed the sorry looking postcard in my bag and brought it back to the UK. 

And now the postcard resides in my boyfriends bedroom on the shelf, where it has retired from travelling. But no one can deny it is a well travelled postcard. 

Georgia x

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  1. Oh my god that is kind of amazing!!!! You'd just never think it! It's like a total fate type thing, and I don't even know if I believe in fate haha...

    Holly Mixtures

  2. AW!! What a cute story! I can't believe you found it again. You and BF are lifies, it's official!!

    Em x

  3. Oh man what are the odds that's so strange haha!!