Monday 24 November 2014

LONDON - Restaurant review: Flat Iron

The Flat Iron is a steak restaurant in Soho, London. Last Saturday I went there with a friend for lunch after being recommended by a friend, and having heard loads of fab reviews, and honestly, the restaurant didn't disappoint.

Flat Iron is a small restaurant with an even smaller menu. There's just one item on the menu, flat iron steak (you'd never guess right?). The steak cost £10 and is absolutely delicious. The choice of sides is good, and fairly priced. We chose dripping cooked chips and creamed spinach, both just as delicious as the steak.

As well as their main menu, they have a specials board which normally contains one dish, such as steak from a different cut, or a cheese burger. Although neither of us chose the special last Saturday, the couple next to us ordered the burger and it looked to be to the same standard as the steak.

I would recommend Flat Iron as a place to go for lunch rather than for dinner purely due the portion size. It is perfect for a large lunch, or a small dinner, but I think you would have to order a few sides to make sure you got your fill if you were hungry and went for an evening meal there.

I will definitely be going back to Flat Iron. I think it's a fantastic place to go for lunch, to eat nice food whilst keeping the cost down too.

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